Welcome to Chain.io Open Connect!

Open Connect is your gateway to building adapters for the Chain.io network

We are thrilled to have you join the Chain.io community and embark on the journey of building an Open Connect adapter for our platform. This document aims to provide you with an overview of Chain.io and guide you through the process of creating a Chain.io Open Connect adapter.

What is a Chain.io Open Connect Adapter?

A Chain.io Open Connect adapter is a crucial component that enables the integration of external systems with the Chain.io platform. It essentially, acts as a bridge between your system and the Chain.io ecosystem, facilitating the secure exchange of data, real-time updates, and communication with our extensive network of supply chain partners.

Below is a simple diagram about how Chain.io Open Connect Adapters are used within our workflows:

Where your adapters fit in a Chain.io flow

Where your adapters fit in a Chain.io flow

About Chain.io:

Chain.io is a leading supply chain integration platform that connects disparate systems, automates data exchange, and enables seamless collaboration between supply chain partners. Our mission is to empower businesses with the tools and infrastructure needed to unlock the full potential of their supply chains.