Getting an API Key

How to get your developer key

Generating an API Key

API Key generation is associated to an existing Workspace in the Portal. In order to obtain and manage API keys, the user must have a user account and be an owner of a Workspace.

To generate a new API Key:

  1. Login to the Portal and navigate to the Workspace you would like to initially associate the API Key with for testing.
  2. Use the hamburger menu in the upper right to navigate to the Workspace Settings area.
  3. Click the Open Connect API Keys link.
  4. A list of existing generated API keys will be visible to manage. To generate a new API click the Generate API Key button.
  5. A new API key will be generated, displayed and added to the list of available keys.

This key will be utilized by adding it as an x-api-key HTTP header to any adapter API that lists an x-api-key as an authorization requirement.