About Integration Types

Chain.io's recipes for grouping Flow configurations

The "Select Integration Type" section of the Chain.io application

The "Select Integration Type" section of the Chain.io application


Integration Types are groups of Flow Setups that Chain.io packages and sells to customers to solve a particular business need. Think of them like recipes for successful integrations.

When a customer selects an integration type, they can then choose to enable one or more Flows within that integration type.

As a developer, you should think carefully about which integration types are relevant to your product and which specific Flow Setups within those integration types you want to support. You are not required to support all Flow Setups within an integration type; however, we encourage you to aim for completeness if it matches your product's capabilities.


Let's look at a fictional company called "CO2-Co" who provided monthly carbon emissions reporting based on the characteristics of individual shipments. Sarah, the product manager at CO2-Co reviews Chain.io's Integration Type documentation for CO2 Data Providers and sees that there are two different flow setups available:

CO2 Data Provider Flow Setup Table

CO2 Data Provider Flow Setup Table

Since CO2-Co's application collects shipment details, Sarah determines that they should build an adapter that supports the Register Shipment flow setup. Since CO2-Co is an emissions data provider, Sarah understands that they'll need to build an output converter. That output converter will take in Chain.io JSON and write records to CO2-Co's database.

Since CO2-Co provides a monthly report back to its customers and does not provide individual shipment level updates, she determines that they do not need to build support for the Receive Shipment Updates flow setup.

More Help

If you need more help figuring out which integration types are relevant for your product offering, contact us at [email protected].

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