In order to get started, you will need to register your remote adapter using the POST /adapters end point.

After registering your remote adapter, you will be able to immediately begin testing within the workspace you created the adapter in. (HINT: Your API key is tied to a specific Workspace; this is the Workspace that will allow you to begin testing)

It's important to note that your remote adapter will not be accessible outside of this Workspace until it has been reviewed and approved by

At any point, you may update your remote adapter by using the PUT /adapter/{id} end point. Please note that if your remote adapter has been previously approved, this will create another copy of the remote adapter registration that will be reviewed again by Upon approval, the registration will overwrite the previously approved registration. If there were significant changes within the configuration, users of the remote adapter may have to update/change the configuration settings within the portal.

In addition, you may update the adapter's shared secret value by utilizing the PUT /adapter/{id}/rotate_shared_secret end point. This will update any new executions of the adapter to use the new shared secret value when calculating the x-chainio-signature